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Oasis Pools & Spas Lansing KS Gunite Pool
Oasis Pools & Spas Lansing KS Gunite Pool

A gunite pool (a concrete shell with a plaster finish) and vinyl liner pool (a steel frame with a vinyl liner) both make excellent backyard fun! Oasis Pools & Spas builds both equally well – the key differences are in features available and cost. Gunite pools are more expensive than vinyl liner pool due to the labor and materials cost.

A gunite pool may require acid washing periodically and resurfacing every 10-15 years. Vinyl liner pools will require a liner replacement every 5-10 years.

A common misconception is that a saltwater pool is a chlorine-free pool. A saltwater pool is simply a pool that utilizes a chlorine generator to produce chlorine from salt through a process called electrolysis. Pool water passes over a chlorine generator cell and converts salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine (hypochlorous acid). Chlorine comes in multiple forms: liquid, tablet or gas and is by far the most common means of sanitizing pool water.

The advantage of operating a saltwater pool is fewer trips to purchase chlorine supplies. Chlorine generators will produce chlorine constantly when there is sufficient salt in the pool and the equipment functions properly. A constant supply of sanitizer prohibits algae growth.

Chlorine is a very caustic, corrosive chemical and is effective because it attacks anything organic. Unfortunately, it also attacks skin, hair, and eyes of the bathers and is toxic to handle, ingest or breathe. Chlorine also takes its toll on swimming pool liners, swimsuits, and equipment.
Chloramines, a by-product of chlorine and organic waste, are known carcinogens. Unfortunately, there is no practical way of preventing chloramines from forming in chlorinated swimming pools.
Maintaining chlorine levels at appropriate levels is a challenge. Residual chlorine is affected by water temperature, rain, pH and volume of swimmers.

At Oasis Pools & Spas we offer a safe alternative to chlorine called CL Free Copper Ionization.

Depending on the pool and amenities, a return of about 50%-60% on the initial cost of the pool can be expected.

No! A pool sanitized with a saltwater system or CL Free copper ionization system is very easy to maintain. Add a quality robotic cleaner and you can plan on spending less than 30 minutes per week maintaining a typical residential pool.

Inground pools start at approximately $40,000. Oasis Pools & Spas will build whatever style you prefer with any features you desire. We have built numerous beautiful pools that range from simple to sophisticated and we tailor to fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles. Ultimately the key factors determining cost are: type (vinyl or gunite), size, features, the terrain of your lot, equipment and style of pool deck. An estimate can be provided when one of our design professionals consults with you.

Fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a call to discuss your design ideas and to get the ball rolling. We will help you refine your ideas and priorities and talk about the features the best suit your needs. When we meet on-site, we request to meet with all persons involved in the design decisions. When on site, we take measurements, check utilities, look at the slope of your yard and take a few photographs. We will then set a second meeting to allow you a chance to review the preliminary design and finalize features you would like built into your pool.

A payment schedule will be agreed upon. Typically, we collect a down payment at the time of contract signing, a 2nd payment when construction begins, another when the deck is poured and the last at completion. Interested in financing? www.SwimmingPool.com/LightStream and www.LyonFinancial.net

Price matching is an unwise practice and builders operating this way are at-risk of remaining viable – possibly going out of business during your construction project. “Price matchers” often are uncertain of their costs – and certainly do not have information on other builders’ costs! Construction materials can vary greatly – if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is!
Oasis is experienced in determining costs and will provide a line item breakdown so that you can adjust your project according to your budget and desires. Oasis is proud to use the highest quality materials, supplies, and equipment so you get the maximum value for your project and ensuring longer, trouble-free enjoyment of your pool. At Oasis, our priority is not to build the cheapest pool, but rather to build the best pool for your money!

A standard pool may take as little as 30 days to build. An elaborate pool can take several months. All construction projects are at the discretion of Mother Nature and many delays can be related to rain in the spring and summer and freezing temperatures in the fall and winter.

Fiberglass pools are not commonly found in the midwest and Oasis does not build fiberglass pools. We choose not to offer fiberglass pools due to the limited shape, size, depth, and color options as these pools come pre-constructed from manufacturers. Additionally, fiberglass pools can pop out of the ground when the ground freezes in the winter. For that reason, these pools are better suited for climates that are warm year-round.


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