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Leavenworth county's pool pros

Welcome to Oasis Pools & Spas, your premier destination for exquisite inground pools, spas, and saunas in the vibrant Kansas City metro area. With over three decades of dedicated service since our inception in 1984, we take immense pride in our ability to transform both residential and commercial properties into breathtaking aquatic sanctuaries. Our seasoned team specializes in crafting tailor-made swimming pools that reflect your unique vision and lifestyle aspirations. Furthermore, we provide exceptional services for pool equipment installation, repair, and replacement, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

At Oasis Pools, we go beyond the basics. We specialize in water chemistry, offering free water tests for our customers. Our expertise ensures that your pool water remains pristine and safe for enjoyment, enhancing your overall experience. As a locally-owned and family-operated business proudly serving Lansing, Kansas, Oasis Pools stands as your trusted ally for all your pool and spa requirements.


Custom pools

At Oasis Pools & Spas, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every pool we build is crafted with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Through our personalized quoting process, we tailor each project to bring your unique vision to life, incorporating all the features you've been dreaming of. From the shape, size, depth, and color to an exciting array of features, equipment, and endless fun, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Our expertise extends beyond residential projects. Oasis boasts extensive experience in crafting magnificent commercial swimming pools, even in the most challenging settings. Whether it's the basement of a remodeled factory, the rooftop of a parking garage, or an existing hotel, our team has successfully executed diverse projects. We can seamlessly integrate with existing blueprint designs or collaborate with project managers to create innovative pool designs that surpass expectations. Trust Oasis Pools to transform your commercial space into a captivating aquatic oasis.

Retail store & service department

At Oasis Pools, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line services to maintain your pool in pristine condition. Our team of skilled professionals utilizes cutting-edge water testing software, ensuring accurate and comprehensive analysis of your pool's water quality. Paired with our expert diagnosis, this advanced technology allows us to identify any issues and provide targeted solutions, guaranteeing that your pool remains in optimal condition.

We take pride in stocking only high-quality pool care products essential for preserving cleanliness, safety, and ensuring the longevity of your pool. Our extensive range includes pool chemistry products as well as a wide selection of parts and equipment to address mechanical issues. Whether you require replacement parts or additional accessories to enhance your pool's functionality, you can rely on Oasis Pools to meet your needs.


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Quick service

”If I could come to the office and give them a hug I would! My pool was not circulating due to a problem on my end and they rectified the problem in less than one hour.“

Janet, Leavenworth

Professional and friendly

“They have cleaned my pool all season. They are not only great at their jobs, but they are also professional and kind.”

Theresa, Kansas City

Water chemistry geniuses

“We never owned a pool before and we do not know about water chemistry. Ray is very patient with us and a true “genius” when it comes to water chemistry.” 

Santiago, Lansing


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