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Swimming Pools - Enhance Your Lifestyle!

Oasis Pools & Spas in Lansing, KS has the expertise to build in ground gunite or vinyl swimming pools.

A swimming pool is the ultimate feature to transform your outdoor living into a relaxing and enjoyable retreat for your family

and a fabulous setting to entertain friends.  Create a private OASIS with endless custom features to add beauty to your lifestyle! 

Over 30 years in business - choose OASIS to design and build the pool dreams are made of!


3-D Graphic Design                             Expertise

Features and Lighting                        Unlimited!


Fire Pits      Outdoor Kitchens


Retaining Walls


Gunite Pools & Spas - Durable and Custom

Gunite is the familiar term for a concrete pool.  Gunite allows for a completely customized pool featuring any amenity you desire.  

Shallow beach entry, disappearing negative edges, overflow spas, waterfall walls, custom complex shape and depth, fountains, sun ledges and benches, custom tile decor, bright aggregate finishes - whatever your heart desires - it's all up to you!

Gunite pools start as rebar skelton coated in "shotcrete" and custom-sculpted.  After curing, the interior is finished with tilework and plaster.  The options for the interior finish are unlimited!  Several finishes are available - plaster, pebbletec, exposed aggregate - in a wide palette of colors.

Gunite is very durable and allows custom design features, finishes and artwork.  Plaster maintenance requires refinishing every 12-15 years.  

Complexity of construction increases cost and build timeline.  


Vinyl Liner Pool - Great Value and Features

Vinyl pools are popular in the Midwest because they are affordable yet offer multiple choices.

Vinyl pool is slightly misleading.  Pre-made steel panels are bolted into straight or curved walls, corners, indents, interior steps, benches, sun-decks and the interior is finished with a vinyl liner.  The pool floor is sculpted with a thin layer of concrete over gravel.  Vinyl liner pools may be constructed in a month (mother nature permitting!) and offer choices for depth, shape, width. 

Fiberglas pools are limited to the manufacturers offering for shape, size, depth and color.  Vinyl pools are more durable and do not de-laminate, crack or pop out of the ground during floods!

Liner colors and pattern choices abound!  We offer brillian choices available through many manufacturers!  Formal, colorful, detailed, earthy - it's your fancy!  Vinyl liners typically lasts 8-10 years with proper water care.

Liners are smooth to the touch and will resist algae growth better than gunite.  When the time comes to refresh, Oasis offers vinyl liner replacements - depending on the size and complexity approximately $3000. 



When it's time for a minor nip-tuck or an overall facelift Oasis is experienced in rehabilitating swimming pools to make them beautiful again! 

For your peace of mind our warranty policy is the same as for new construction.    Remodeling services include: 


Vinyl Liner and Step Replacement

Pump, Filter, Heater Replacement

Tile and Plastering Refresh

Concrete Repair - Deck and Coping

Leak Detection

Plumbing Repair


• Cover Repair and Replacement

Automatic and Safety Cover


Chlorine-Free Pool - A Healthy Alternative

Want peace of mind and a healthy alternative?  Minerals are the best way to sanitize your pool without the harsh effect of chlorine or salt! 

Save time and money and prolong the life of your pool!

Decrease weekly maintenance and chemical expense and maximize recreation!

BEST of ALL enjoy a healthier swimming pool experience by installing CL Free® Copper Ionization System.

Contact us now!  Oasis Pools & Spas, Lansing, Kansas.  Trusted for 30 years!  913-727-7722