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Oasis Pools & Spas for a healthier lifestyle!  

Spas and Saunas revitalize the body and improve health!  

Relax and enjoy family time and host get-togethers with your friends!  See how easy it is to own and enjoy a Caldera Spa!  

Find out the amazing health benefits available to you with a Helo or Thera Sauna. 

    Caldera Spas™

                                                                          Indulge yourself for twenty minutes and receive amazing benefits.  

Find your happy place.  

Relax your mind.                                                                                                  Time for you.

Refresh your spirit.                                                                                  Relieve pain.

Adjust your attitude.                                                         Speed healing.

Warm your body.                                 Calm your thoughts.

Improve flexibility.               Contemplate stars.

      Sleep better.     Feel better.  Melt stress.       Be Happier.  

    Come to Life.  


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Saunas - So Many Choices!

Basics 101.  What's the difference?  

Traditional saunas create steam.  Stainless steel heater topped with lava rocks; ladle on the water.  

Infrared saunas for dry heat.  Flat-panel carbon-fiber IR heat system surrounds you with soft even heat.  

Far Infrared saunas emit FIR rays to stimulate cells to "resonate" and heat you from the inside out.

Any way you 'sauna' the goal is to ....yes.... sweat!

Sauna bathing improves your health in so many ways!  

One of the best but commonly unknown benefits is sweating whicb strengthens your immune system!  Heated tissues trigger a fever response - the immune system springs into action.  By responding to a false fever the immune system gets a workout and stronger!  

Another benefit is the removal of toxins - from cells, muscles, organs and even bones!   Sweating gives your body a shower from the inside out! Purging your body of "refuse" will improve muscle tone, reduce fat, improve complexion, ease pain and create relaxation and sense of wellness.

Respiratory and circulatory benefits are the result of elevated heart rate and blood flow!

Saunas are available in standard and customized standalone rooms.  Custom-cut rooms may be built for indoors or outdoors.  Oasis also offers commercial units with professional installation and service.  

The choice is yours:  versatile design, heating styles, wood options, seating arrangements, electronic controls, lighting, and stereo systems.


Helo® Saunas by Saunatec, Inc.

Where Health and Relaxation Meet

 A Helo® sauna provides a welcome retreat—a mini-escape.  As Scandinavians centuries ago knew, sauna bathing offers health and mental benefits!  In today’s hectic world, we all deserve a break from the stress, tension and noise of life.

A Helo® sauna will provide quiet retreat at the day's end and complement your in-home fitness center. Soothing warmth envelopes the body - the ultimate way to reduce stress and ease aching muscles.

Health, Quality, and Style

Choose the oldest name in saunas:  Helo®.  Beginning in Finland 90 years ago and arriving in the US 40 years ago more American architects specify Helo more often than any other brand.

Through innovation, product development, and an uncompromising commitment to quality Helo® has become the world's largest sauna and steam manufacturer.  At first glance, Helo® saunas  are impressive and they become even more so upon careful examination.  Helo® quality is evident by the use of woods graded to the lightest of colors continuing with sleek styling, contemporary heaters and user-friendly controls.

Please visit http://www.helosaunas.com to select your sauna. 

Contact Oasis in Lansing, KS, to select a spa or sauna 913-727-7722.